Apple bug can crash your iPhone with just a text message

Doris Richards
January 19, 2018

Abraham Masri posted about the flaw, which he named ChaiOS, on Twitter with a copy of the link included in the tweet.

Mr Masri has since unpublished the code, which has been called ChaiOS - a pun between the word "chaos" and iOS, Apple's mobile operating system.

The next time you receive a text message from a friend, think carefully before opening up any links.

Someone who wants to troll you just needs your phone number to do so. The people over at 9to5Mac tested it out, and it certainly messed up their devices. He has not tested the vulnerability on the latest beta, iOS 11.2.5 beta 6, which was released this morning. The issue might affect other iOS devices and Macs, as well. It's not the first iMessage bug of its kind.

"The bug causes device to freeze, respring, drains battery, and/or sometimes panic".

As soon as an iPhone received the problematic text, it would freeze, with the Messages app quitting and, for some users, the touchscreen and physical buttons becoming useless. Now in beta testing, the sixth version of the software landed yesterday and does fix the issue.

In this case, Masri created a webpage on Github that had its metadata overloaded with hundreds of thousands of unnecessary characters.

This redirects the Messages app to a page stored on Github, a hosting service ford computer code, which exploits the bug.

Despite his actions and multiple e-mails to Apple for comment on the bug, the tech giant has yet to respond to the concern of the fans. That said, someone else may be able to replicate the problem in the future and upload it themselves to reinstate the attack. Masri added in the post: "Do not use it for bad stuff".

Users were required to contact Apple directly for a fix, the website says, making this particular bug more severe than the recent "text bomb" code.

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