North Korea Will Participate In Four Sports At PyeongChang Games

Lester Mason
January 19, 2018

The opening ceremony of the #2018 Winter Olympics will be held in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang.

The momentous decision comes out of talks between the two nations last week, and is a dramatic gesture of reconciliation after a year of growing tensions over North Korea's missile and nuclear tests.

The International Olympic Committee and the National Olympic Committees of the two Koreas must agree to combining the women's hockey teams before such a roster change can be made.

China denounced the Vancouver talks, and the United Nations Command, under whose framework they are being held, as demonstrating "Cold War mentality".

South and North Korean delegations marched together at the opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. "We hope that this experience gives North Korea and its athletes a small taste of freedom, and that rubs off and is something that spreads and impacts in these negotiations and in these conversations", Sanders said.

Illinois Democrat Senator said, "The Russians are definitely providing supplies to the North Koreans and so are the Chinese". It said the delegation will include a 230-member cheering group, a 30-member taekwondo demonstration team, journalists, athletes and officials.

Yonhap News Agency reported Thursday that South Korean officials spotted over 12,000 soldiers, 50 units of artillery equipment and other material being moved to Pyongyang's Mirim airfield, in what suggests preparations for a parade.

It will be the first joint entrance by South and North Korean teams in the 11 years since the 2007 Asian Winter Games in Changchun.

Tillerson was expected to push participating countries, all of whom were invited due to their support for South Korea during the Korean War, to help stop North Korean smuggling by sea.

The Trump has administration responded cautiously to the sudden sports diplomacy on the Korean peninsula. The International Skating Union awarded that entry to Japan, and said the IOC must approve any late entry and increase the competition quota. He wasn't clear if the "problem" was the friction between the two leaders, or Pyongyang's weapons programs, or both. But, it provided a welcome reprieve for South Koreans who have grown alarmed and tired over the tensions and relentless talk of war. Un fires off long range rockets for months despite warnings and Trump calls this fanatic "rocket man".

Tillerson brushed off a question about such a "bloody nose" strike, telling a closing news conference: "I'm a not going to comment on issues that have yet to be decided among the National Security Council or the president".

In an interview with Reuters later Wednesday, Trump said he hoped the standoff with Pyongyang could be resolved "in a peaceful way, but it's very possible that it can't".

He warned that while North Korea was not yet capable of delivering a ballistic missile to the U.S., "they're close - and they get closer every day". "Does North Korea have so much privilege to do whatever they want?" Meanwhile, he accused Russian Federation of helping Pyongyang obtain supplies, such as coal and oil, in violation of UN Security Council sanctions, taking a less friendly tone towards a country he had once tried to cozy up to. "In other words, Russian Federation is making up for some of what China is doing", he said. "First they refuse to talk to South Korea. You have a fundamental tension between a progressive government in Seoul and a hawkish government in Washington", he said.

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