Donald Trump given high marks on exam

Lester Mason
January 20, 2018

The president received a ideal score in the cognitive test and "he's fit for duty...will remain fit for duty for the remainder of this term and even for the remainder of another term, if he's elected", said presidential physician Ronny Jackson, a rear admiral in the United States navy, at a briefing Tuesday.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN, making a rare house call to the White House briefing room, offered a second opinion. "I don't have those problems", Trump said.

"He said, 'I want you to get out there and I want you to talk to them and I want you to answer every single question they have, '" Jackson said of Trump.

Do not expect U.S. President Donald Trump to hit the gym, despite his doctor's orders.

In December 2015, Mr Trump's own long-time doctor, Harold Bornstein, declared in a pre-election assessment that his client would be the "healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency".=. (Still), if it's 30 on 30 it's really reassuring - in terms of the ability of the person to have minimum cognitive function to be able to do important things, in terms of language, memory, executive function.

President Donald Trump's overall health "is excellent" and he did "exceedingly well" on cognitive screening. That places him just below the "obese" range on the body mass index.

Jackson said the president wants to lose 10 to 15 pounds over the next year, and plans to exercise more.

On Friday, Mr Trump tweeted a convoluted denial about his alleged choice of words, which triggered a global firestorm of criticism.

A nutritionist has been brought into the White House kitchens to consult with the chefs there on ways to limit Trump's intake of calories, including by cutting fats and carbohydrates.

Trump's PSA is very low, meaning he has no prostate troubles.

At the recommendation of the White House doctor, Trump has agreed to go on a diet and exercise program.

Side-by-side comparisons are popping up on social media where Trump is compared to athletes like Tim Tebow and Tom Brady, who are roughly the same height and weight as Trump is said to be. To say that his health is excellent, it's like medicine is gaslighting us now. "I get more exercise than people think". But Jackson said Trump personally requested the test as he continues to face questions about his mental acuity for office. Jackson says Trump's heart exam was normal, with regular rhythm and no abnormal sounds.

How well did the president do on the test?

It comes after the release of a controversial book fuelled speculation about the president's mental health.

"He's very sharp. He's very articulate when he speaks to me", said Jackson, who works in close proximity to the president. As the President's physician, Jackson travels with Trump on almost all of his trips and works in close proximity to Trump on a daily basis.

Trump takes some medications including Crestor to lower cholesterol and Propecia to combat hair loss.

The President himself decided what to make public from his exam, in accordance with medical privacy rules. "Incredible cardiac fitness", was Dr. Jackson's professional opinion.

President Donald Trump is in excellent physical and mental health, according to the presidential physician, despite his famously unhealthy diet on the campaign trail and continued neglect of exercise, which has predictably led to higher cholesterol and borderline obesity.

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