Trump to celebrate one-year inauguration anniversary at Mar-a-Lago gala

Angelo Anderson
January 20, 2018

For $250,000 a pair, a couple gets the chance to speak with the president and take part in a roundtable discussion. The tentative plan is for Trump to leave for Mar-a-Lago on Saturday morning, according to Bloomberg.

President Donald Trump is set to skip a scheduled lavish inauguration anniversary fundraiser this weekend at Mar-a-Lago if Washington is unable to avoid a government shutdown, according to multiple reports.

The gala comes as the USA government faces a potential shutdown on midnight Friday if Republicans and Democrats in the Senate can't reach an agreement on a government spending bill they need to pass to keep the government running.

"Government Funding Bill past [sic] last night in the House of Representatives".

Democrats oppose the bill even though it includes funding over six years for a popular childhood health care program because it does not protect the Dreamers - illegal immigrants who were brought to the USA as children but who were protected from deportment by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

President Donald Trump teeing off at Trump International Golf Club from a video shot by golfer Taylor Funk
President Donald Trump teeing off at Trump International Golf Club from a video shot by golfer Taylor Funk

Each party is bargaining over immigration and healthcare spending.

Many issues that should have been resolved by the end of 2017 were pushed into this year, through a series of continuing resolutions that delayed deadlines. "We can't keep kicking the can down the road", said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Thursday.

Trump is supposed to arrive at Palm Beach Friday, just a few hours before a government shutdown that will be triggered if Congress Fails to pass a spending bill. Trump's advisers think the Senate will pass a short-term extension for the funding, so it's not likely the president will stay in the White House.

The Mar-a-Lago event is being put on by Ronna Romney McDaniel, the Republican National Committee chairwoman.

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