US President Donald Trump takes on Senator Dick Durbin on 'racial slur'

Lester Mason
January 20, 2018

Seventy-eight former USA ambassadors to African countries have sent a letter to the White House, expressing "deep concern" over President Donald Trump's reported comments referring to African nations as "s-hole" countries.

Trump has come under fire for using a vulgar term to refer to Haiti and other African nations during a meeting about immigration last week. He was responding to a claim by Democratic Senator Dick Durbin that he used "vile and racist" language during a meeting on immigration reform, reported on Monday.

One of the signatories, career diplomat and former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria John Campbell told VOA the reaction to the president's alleged remarks is fierce, and building - not dissipating.

On Wednesday, in an apparent rejection of Trump's reported comments, U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe Harry Thomas, Jr. said that his country welcomed Africans as both immigrants and visitors.

In recent weeks, the Trump administration has made a series of announcements that have brought that status to an end.

"We've been attending and trying to move this along, but the difficulty is this is a contentious, complicated issue", Durbin said. The group says 1804 is significant because it's about the independence of the Haitian people.

The United States of America is safer, healthier, more prosperous, and better equipped to solve problems that confront all of humanity when we work with, listen to, and learn from our African partners. "Hopefully our friends will know and understand that we are not a racist country, that we are struggling with this deep problem, that we haven't got a final, clear, obviously flawless answer to that problem, but that struggle goes on, despite what the president has said of an insulting character to developing countries and countries that are clearly not white dominated". "He used those words repeatedly".

Trump denied that he used this language while discussing immigrants from Haiti and African nations. He also denied he was a racist.

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