Vehicle hits crowd at Brazil's Copacabana, killing baby

Annette Crawford
January 20, 2018

Update 5pm: A baby has been killed and 17 other people were injured when a motorist drove into a crowded promenade along Copacabana beach in Brazil.

More than 3,000 soldiers and military police officers moved into four big slums early Thursday seeking to arrest drug traffickers and hunt for the men suspected of gunning down a police inspector last week.

A speeding vehicle ploughed through evening strollers on a crowded promenade at Copacabana beach in Rio in an apparent accident, killing an eight-month-old baby and injuring 17 people, police said.

This sounds like another act of terrorism, but police said that is was not.

The driver "lost control of his vehicle, which went up on the sidewalk of the promenade" and was taken for questioning, police said.

Vehicle hits crowd at Brazil's Copacabana, killing baby
Vehicle hits crowd at Brazil's Copacabana, killing baby

He also said that he suffered from epilepsy, according to the police statement.

Witnesses said on the Globo News network that the auto had driven over a cycle path and across the promenade, hitting people and crashing through tables and chairs, before stopping on the sand of the beach.

Cities across the world have seen an increase in incidents in which drivers drove into crowds.

The auto stopped in the sand after it apparently crossed the wide pavement that runs between the beach and a busy road. Several people were knocked down and lying on the ground.

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