Watch Rep. Al Green's sad attempt to impeach Trump on House floor

Lester Mason
January 20, 2018

The House has voted to block a Democratic lawmaker from seeking to impeach the president.

Green said Wednesday on the House floor, "I refuse to accept what the president is doing and I refuse to accept it because if you will tolerate something, you will not change it".

The vote came just hours before Senate Democrats were expected to lead a filibuster that could result in a government shutdown at midnight.

The Texas congressman, along with five other House Democrats, introduced the original articles of impeachment against the president in November.

The House voted 355-66 to table the motion. "You will do little to change it". Green alleged that Trump was "attempting to convert his bigoted statements into USA policy, associating the presidency and the people of the United States with bigotry, inciting hate and hostility, and sowing discord among the people of the United States on the basis of national origin". He said the level of discourse in the United States has been "brought to an all-time low".

The president reportedly used the phrase in reference to African countries and Haiti. A day later, Green said that "it would not surprise me" if he got fewer than 58 votes in support the second time around, but that he is pushing forward to protect democracy.

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