Amazon Raises Month-to-month Prime Value Practically 20 Pc

Lloyd Doyle
January 21, 2018

The annual Prime membership fees would remain at $99 and for student members at $49.

The increased rate widens the difference between the cost of a monthly membership and an annual one, which remains at $99.

Amazon has increased its monthly Prime membership fee from $10.99 to $12.99, an increase of 18 percent. Is this the right time for Amazon Prime members who are paying monthly to shift to yearly payments?

Amazon gave no specific reason for the price increase, beyond a statement that it continues in its "unwavering" conviction that Prime is the best value in the history of shopping. Prime members spend considerably more on Amazon than non-Prime members.

Amazon started the monthly pricing model less than two years ago as a more flexible way of taking advantage of Prime's fast shipping and other benefits.

Amazon Prime is a key growth driver for the company as members tend to buy more from the e-commerce giant.

An annual membership now makes much more sense financially compared to a monthly membership.

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