Here's Trump's full health report from his first physical exam as president

Leslie Hanson
January 21, 2018

He said he hadn't initially planned to administer the screening for neurological impairments, but did so at Trump's asking.

Discussing the issue of North Korea's nuclear ambitions in an interview Wednesday with Reuters, Trump took a swing at former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton for their approaches to the rogue nation.

Camera IconPresident Trump is in good health but has been advised to lose some weight.

In an extraordinary, hour-long White House press briefing, Dr Jackson said he had conducted cognitive tests on Mr Trump on January 12 at the request of the president.

When asked which specifically term Trump used to describe Haiti and African countries, Sanders hasn't responded, however, noting that "no one here is going to pretend like the president is always politically correct".

"I can reliably say, and I think that the folks in the mental health [field] would back me up on the fact that if he had some kind of mental, cognitive issue, that this test is sensitive enough, it would have picked up on it".

However, many Twitter users even had a hard time believing Jackson when he said that Trump weighs 239 pounds. That places him just below the "obese" range on the body mass index.

Trump also will increase his daily dosage of Crestor, Jackson said, with a goal of getting his LDL cholesterol down to below a reading of 120.

The test was developed by Nasreddine about twenty years ago and only takes ten minutes to complete.

Rader and Maron said Trump's calcium score does not mean much.

The president, like most Americans, would benefit from a "diet that is lower and fat and carbohydrates", along with more exercise, the doctor said.

The screening was carried out using a test called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, on which Trump scored 30/30, Jackson said.

Trump also has no heart disease and no family history of it.

The standard version of the test is "pretty good" but "not definitive" said Dr. Ronald Petersen, an Alzheimers disease expert at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Trump has faced several questions about his mental fitness to be president.

A top attack line for mainstream media went down in flames Tuesday when President Trump's doctor declared him "mentally very sharp" and in "excellent health".

Trump's White House physician - Navy doctor Ronny Jackson - declared Trump to be in "excellent health" following last Friday's exam at the Walter Reed military hospital in Maryland. Tests have shown he has high cholesterol and there's evidence of heart disease, but Jackson said tests show his heart is functioning well.

The President himself decided what to make public from his exam, in accordance with medical privacy rules.

"Right now, on a day-to-day basis", Jackson told reporters Tuesday, "he doesn't have a dedicated, defined exercise program". He got all the usual tests as part of his annual physical exam as president.

Dr Jackson's highly-anticipated report came after the U.S. leader carried out a physical examination last Friday.

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