Roger Federer Ages Like a Fine Wine

Angelo Anderson
January 21, 2018

The only time Federer looked remotely stumped came during a postmatch interview conducted by United States comedian Will Ferrell who told him that he had played like a "silky gazelle".

Roger Federer has urged his fellow professionals to act themselves and not as robots during media interviews to keep tennis interesting for the sporting public. Here's how it panned out. "Would you describe your game as like a silky gazelle?"

Roger Federer: Maybe, maybe not.

"They are an wonderful crowd but does it get annoying when they scream "come on Roger, come on Roger" over and over again?"

RF: Ahh I don't like those. "I've practised with him, played singles and doubles against him too so you have the information you need", Federer said of his German opponent.

RF: That is untrue.

"My mum told me leave the phone and eat properly". "The national food of Australia". "Doesn't mean it's going to go in, but I have - yeah, I don't have much of a backhand". This is not about becoming professional tennis players, if they do that I will support it. At an older age it's easy to forget sometimes, it's great. But the interview was crashed by none other than Will Ferrell, who immediately channeled his Anchorman persona.

Federer reflected on the amusing incident in his post-match press conference.

"I know Marton a little bit", Federer said. "So as awesome as that run was, the combination of being exhausted from that and having a wrist that still wasn't 100 percent ideal, I just needed to kind of shut it down, calm down, and then I was really excited to start the new season". "I admire that. I take pleasure out of him making that shot even though for a second I thought that this could have been the match point I had and end up losing the match". That's when he walked out onto centre court. That's when he walked out onto centre court."It was nice to have Hollywood present here in Melbourne, in combination with tennis".

After his stunning 2017, it was hardly a surprise to see possibly the greatest player of all time start his 2018 off so strongly at the Hopman Cup. "I'm probably past my prime to play a player unless I'm some 50-year-old guy trying to make the circuit again", he joked. "You know when you come down here that can happen..."

"I was sitting in my seat, thinking, what are the fun things I want to ask Roger Federer about?"

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