Trump called the most unsafe country in the world

Lester Mason
January 21, 2018

"He brought some order to the chaos that was there, but it's a long way from a functioning White House", Democratic Sen. "Nobody can plan ahead, nobody can think what's coming", said Fox.

The latest talks have been beset by disagreements over immigration, with Democrats calling for a solution for so-called "dreamers" - young immigrants who arrived in the USA as children - to be included in the deal.

The drama that Trump has created, through his bigoted comments and refusal to negotiate in good faith, makes a government shutdown more likely to happen.

Kelly also told caucus members that he had tempered Trump's negative view of DACA and that the president was committed to finding a solution to replace the program, which protects some 780,000 so-called "Dreamers".

Some lawmakers who met with Kelly Wednesday recounted his remarks.

President Donald Trump grew enraged after an interview his chief of staff, John Kelly, gave on Wednesday evening, CNN reported Thursday. "That's what I understood, and all of that was helpful".

Now Democrats, at least some of whom Trump needs to avoid a federal shutdown, have signalled they will not vote for a new government spending bill without some version of DACA. By midnight tonight, they'll have to have come to some sort of deal about what to do with the government funding.

Trump was reportedly livid after seeing Kelly's comments, and reiterated on Twitter his promise that Mexico will foot the bill for the multi-billion dollar divider.

For exercise, the president could puff his way up Capitol Hill to lead a chant of "build that wall". "So, to me, it's a different situation from just the physical condition of our border here and the effect on property owners that are gonna be south of, what I call, a newly defined border".

"What worries me is that word 'directly, '" he said. Thus did the president's interpreter explain how the nation's leader was able to justify saying one thing and then doing another.

"U.S. taxpayers will pay full 100 per cent the cost of that wall, which is a waste of money [and] a waste of time and I'm sure USA taxpayers don't want to pay for that".

Last year Mr Trump said his wall would cover 1,000 miles with natural obstacles taking care of the rest. Trump also now wants Congress to provide taxpayer money to finance it.

Trump did not specify the source of his security comment although a new travel advisory for Mexico issued by the U.S. Department of State last week placed five states on the same travel advisory level as war-torn countries such as Syria and Yemen.

"We're separated by something more sinister", he said, "a massive structure that's meant to deter and break the spirits of the most vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees fleeing to the border seeking protection from extreme situations of violence, political instability, political persecution and hunger in Mexico and Central America".

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