Dragon Ball FighterZ review - anime authenticity

Angelo Anderson
January 22, 2018

Heck, we're not even reviewing Dragon Ball FighterZ because I'm a big fan of the Dragon Ball series.

FighterZ' combat system might initially seem linear compared to similar tag fighters such as Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, but the game's depth started to reveal itself as I dug deeper. But most people have probably never heard of Guilty Gear or developer Arc System Works, despite their almost 30-year existence and relative success with the likes of Persona 4 Arena and BlazBlue.

But one of the more interesting moves that the new fighter has is her ability to steal her opponents' moves. The other video is a character trailer for Android 21, a new character made specifically for this game.

There are now 24 playable characters on the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster.

Without delving into the minute details of each and every attack and the counter systems available to you, Dragon Ball FighterZ utilises auto combos to seamlessly string attacks together.

There's much in Dragon Ball FighterZ that we hope other games will use as inspiration in the future, from the visuals and the way it embraces the source material, to the fact that a hardcore developer has been matched to a mass market brand and both have benefited from the collaboration.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is described on its own website as the vehicle to bring classic 2D Dragon Ball Anime to current generation consoles - something it achieves with a flourish. Still, there's a goofy charm to the dialogue that feels true to the anime, and the special conversations that trigger when you pair up certain characters are a delightful bit of fan service.

In single-player mode, you have a multi-branching Arcade mode to sink your teeth into and a huge Story mode spanning three separate plot lines.

While FighterZ offers plenty of meat for offline warriors, that's only half of the equation. By taking part in different fighting combinations included in these 3 chapters, players will be able to level up their characters and get a full understanding of the incredible DRAGON BALL FighterZ scenario.

Beyond simply calling on them for support during Super Moves and powered-up attacks, creating a balanced team of fighters can help you square off against the many foes you'll face online and in game's Arcade and Story modes. The online modes with interconnected match-making will be the flawless place to test players' skills. Whether or not you like fighting games or Dragon Ball, extremely dramatic villains and hench dudes with giant hair hurling fireballs at each other (all set to unceasing guitar solos) is kind of inherently enjoyable.

One thing fans of past Dragon Ball titles may want to note is that Arc System Works has pared back the roster of fighters.

The video above comes from Bandai Namco and shows off one of the first looks at Android 21's moveset that includes various Ki blasts and some Majin-specific moves.

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