Gboard for iOS adds built-in GIF creator tool featuring Motion Stills integration

Doris Richards
January 22, 2018

Google has updated its Gboard app for iOS devices. But now, with the latest update, Google has moved the GIF-making button onto the front of Gboard, next to the word suggestion bar. Accessing it required a long press on the emoji icon at the bottom. While the update has been disseminated to the iOS version of the app, the Android variant has not yet received it. After selecting one, just record a video and press finish. The keyboard's highlighted "Make a GIF" feature is now easily accessible with a shortcut button on the top right of the iOS keyboard, next to the word suggestion bar. Perhaps the company wants more users to try it out, so the number of people using it would increase. In the Fast Forward mode, users can record videos of up to one minute and then speed them up to convert it into a GIF. Loop basically creates 3-second GIFs that have the Boomerang effect. After the recording is finished, Gboard will note that the GIF has been copied and can be pasted in any supported field.

It appears the tweak that Google made to Gboard's GIF creation button is still not available to Android users.

Meanwhile, Google also has an app called Motion Stills that lets users create their own GIFs.

Meanwhile, the new GIF-making feature is now available only on the Gboard iOS app and not on the Android app. What this does is search through the users' Live Photos. This view also shows a history of all created GIFs, with users able to reuse them at anytime.

The Gboard app for iOS was updated in August past year with YouTube and Google Maps integration.

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