US govt shutdown begins after spending bill fails

Lloyd Doyle
January 22, 2018

The White House said on Friday night that it would keep national parks open, with rangers and security guards on duty as usual - something the administration of President Barack Obama ruled out during the last significant shutdown in 2013.

The Democrats blamed Trump and the Republicans for the impasse. The chiefs of staff for each man - John Kelly for Trump and Mike Lynch for Schumer - also attended.

Commenting on the shutdown, the White House has released a harsh statement, slamming the Democratic Party as "obstructionist losers, not legislators".

Democrats had insisted that any bill to renew government funding also contain permanent protections for approximately 700,000 young, undocumented immigrants who were brought illegally into the U.S. as children. Mr Trump phoned the NY senator to invite him to the White House to try to reach some sort of accord.

The US government shut down on Friday at midnight after the Senate failed to pass a bill to extend the government funding until February 16.

Although the House passed the 30-day spending bill on Thursday evening, Republicans senators failed to get 60 votes Friday evening. Five Democrats voted in favor of the measure.

The vast majority of Democratic senators have said they would not support the bill unless it includes protections for hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants.

Even as they promised to work on getting the government back up again as soon as possible, Republicans and Democrats blamed each other for the predicament.

"Almost everybody on both sides doesn't understand how we ended up here", Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell said early Saturday morning.

"What we've just witnessed on the floor was a cynical decision by Senate Democrats to shove aside millions of Americans for the sake of irresponsible political games", Mr McConnell said.

Throughout his speech, Schumer used the phrase "Trump Shutdown" - an apparent reaction to the Republicans' insistence during the week that any shutdown should be labeled a "Schumer Shutdown".

In her response, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi quoted President Trump as having said that "our country needs a good shutdown".

"(A) nd now the American people will suffer", Booker concluded.

Republican and Democratic leaders are expected to renew negotiations on Saturday in the hope of restoring government financing before Monday. Shutdowns can also rattle financial markets.

No matter the timing, the Defense Department said its combat operations in Afghanistan and other military activities would continue, while federal law enforcement officers also would remain on duty.

The federal government is operating on a third temporary funding measure since the current fiscal year began in October.

USA federal services and any military operations that are considered essential will go on, but thousands of government workers are set to be furloughed if no deal is reached before Monday.

"Essential" employees who deal with public safety and national security would keep working under a shutdown.

A short-term government shutdown will likely have minimal impact, especially if only over a weekend.

"Democrats are needed if it is to pass in the Senate - but they want illegal immigration and weak borders".

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