3 of USA Gymnastics' top leaders resign as Nassar sentencing hearing continues

Angelo Anderson
January 23, 2018

"Like how Kleenex is actually a corporate brand that many use in everyday vocabulary to describe a tissue, he has forever identified his name with child sexual abuse", the teen said. Then, "at that moment, I became his next victim". Raisman added that she felt the organization was "rotting from the inside".

The most powerful statement may have been delivered by Kyle Stephens as she addressed Nassar. "But I was a child". "I used the word "right guy" meaning they got the right, I meant people, if there were other people involved". It's to tell anyone and everyone in a position of power until something is done.

She was, however, entertained, which she expressed in court while reading various portions of the letter aloud.

Miller was not shaken by Nassar's presence, informing Judge Rosmarie Aquilina and the courtroom that - one year after USA Gymnastics reportedly fired Nassar amid complaints of abuse and one week before Michigan State University did the same - she may have been the doctor's final victim.

Nassar, who lost his physician's license in April, admitted his conduct had no legitimate medical goal and that he did not have the girls' consent.

Prosecutors and civil attorneys have said there are more than 100 victims, including his former family babysitter and athletes in several women's sports programs at Michigan State University, where Nassar worked.

Maroney, 22, sued the organisation for what she believes was an attempt to buy her silence with a confidential settlement agreement in 2016. For years this caused a rift between Stephens and her parents.

Stephens went on to say that when her father found out that she was not lying, he committed suicide. I realized I gave the impression I was not fully supportive of my teammates.

The idea that there is nothing she could have done is wrong.

On Tuesday one victim called Simon a "coward" for not attending the sentencing hearing, NBC News reports; Simon was present the next day.

Asking why no one acted is important to stopping these kinds of abuse stories in the future. I feel like it's changed the life of all of us at Michigan State in some way, shape or form.

A Michigan State spokesman says Miller's comments are being looked into, and patients of Nassar's "will not be billed". At least 12 reported assaults occurred after the investigation ended, according to a university police report that was provided to the FBI for review by the us attorney.

"I have never wanted to hate someone in my life, but my hate towards you is uncontrollable", Miller told Nassar as she stared him down in court. "And now I hear that same thing that happened to me happened to all of these other women before and after it happened to me?"

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