Apple Music now offers artists detailed streaming and download info

Mindy Sparks
January 23, 2018

The Apple Music for Artists is now in beta and is being tested out with a few thousand artists. Apple Music for Artists will open publicly later this spring for Apple's several million artists. It's unclear at this point how Apple plans to release its original content, but it seems highly unlikely it will come "bundled with iOS". The user can specify the time period ranging from the past 24 hours to the 2015 launch of Apple Music. An insights panel reveals other milestones, like all-time number of plays and purchases for specific songs, or cumulatively, reports Billboard.

Spotify, YouTube and Pandora already have their own dashboards for a while.

Apple's advantage with its new dashboard is that it track both streams and purchases at a granular level.

Geotargeted data from all 115 countries that Apple Music and iTunes operate in is also available.

Artists can pick a city or cities and see how many plays or purchases they have in that market.

For deeper insight, artists may check the listener demographic per city, such as how many times male listeners age 16-24 living in NY listened to a song. It also gives them an overview on the songs to include in their set list. For instance, an Artist can see how many females in the age group of "16-18" residing in Florida listen to their songs. Apple considered adding financial data, but right now it's not included, presumably because how royalty payments are calculated is complicated. The new variation of Apple Music comes laced with deep analytic insights for the artists.

The Apple Music Artist insight is a welcome move, especially since numerous mid-level and indie music makers are devoid of strongly backed analytics.

Canadian R&B singer Daniel Caesar, who was consulted during the building phase, told Billboard that Apple's new tools could empower smaller acts to "level the playing field" on a budget.

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