Hunters Cautioned Not To Eat Deer Infected By Chronic Wasting Disease

Leslie Hanson
January 23, 2018

Earlier findings obtained from the research conducted by Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada conclude that the most similar primates to humans to be used in the study, macaques, can affected by the disease called as 'chronic wasting disease (CWD)', if infected meat consumed regularly.

The infection is a contagious neurological disease causing spongy degeneration of the brain, resulting in emaciation, peculiar behavior, loss of bodily functions and eventually death.

The infected deer - a two-year-old buck - was killed south of Rhinelander and means there will now be a baiting and feeding ban in Lincoln and Langlade counties, beginning February 1, the agency said in a statement. Symptoms can take up to two years to emerge after infection.

Experts fear that a deadly disease known as "zombie deer" could spread to humans.

Just a name "zombie deer disease" strikes fear.

A document by the Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada entitled "Potential Human Health Risks from Chronic Wasting Disease" warned: "While extensive surveillance in Canada and elsewhere has not provided any direct evidence that CWD has infected humans, the potential for CWD to be transmitted to humans can not be excluded".

There is a breadth of scientific evidence that suggests that the agent responsible for the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease in cows is the same one responsible for the human form of the disease, Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob, which infects people.

Comparing Zombie deer disease to the condition that caused such a mass health crisis, Mark Zabel, an immunologist at Colorado State University, said they were concerned CWD would have a similar impact.

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