James Franco accuser: He's no Harvey Weinstein

Angelo Anderson
January 23, 2018

"(Use) his power to give opportunities to women that are real and valuable and actually give them career advancement", Tither-Kaplan said.

Tither Kaplan was a student in Franco's "Sex Scenes" acting class, while Paley described being taken advantage of by the actor on a date - before entering a relationship with him. "A lot of times they seemed gratuitous and exploitative".

Even those accusing James Franco of sexual misconduct don't necessarily think he's a monster.

Another actress, Sarah Tither-Kapley, who worked with Franco multiple times, alleged that he exploited her during the filming of a sexually explicit scene for his upcoming film The Long Home, which she signed a nudity agreement for prior to production.

"She went on to tweet "#MeToo" and then followed that up by suggesting that "The Disaster Artist" actor was a reason why she she no longer wants to be in the entertainment world. "He created an exploitative environment on his sets".

"It is a pyramid and at the top is rape and sexual violence and at the bottom are the other abuses of power that when they continue to happen over and over build and build and build and create a culture that allows the most heinous examples of sexual violence and misogny and discrimination to happen and if we allow any of them, we're allowing all of them", Tither-Kaplan continued.

Broadcast on Tuesday morning one hour before Oscar nominations were announced, the women, both of whom had already accused Franco publicly in a report from the Los Angeles Times, elaborated further about their harmful experiences with the actor in an interview with Amy Robach.

Paley, 23, previously shared her story that Franco pressured her to give him oral sex in a vehicle after a date in 2016 - and she reiterated her feelings of that encounter in the interview.

"He kinda like, pushed my head down and was saying, like, 'C'mon, '" she said, adding that she knows her relationship with the actor complicates her story.

Paley said "Yes, of course". "I mean, I'm regretful, I was young, he was a celebrity I looked up to".

Franco has vigorously denied the accusations, calling them "not accurate".

Franco reiterated his defense during a visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers, explaining that despite him having his "own side" of the story, he believes it's important for women to speak out.

She then became emotional and started to break down in tears as she revealed how much she had dreamed of one day being in the film industry, and her fears that coming out against Franco might destroy her chance of realizing that ambition. News: "I think that above all, what we've always said is it remains vital that anyone that feels victimised should and does have the right to speak out and come forward".

Paley added: "Please just apologize".

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