Iconic filmmaker Warren Miller dies at age 93

Angelo Anderson
January 26, 2018

Legendary filmmaker and ski icon Warren Miller has passed away at the age of 93. "All of us are better for knowing and loving Warren". Many believe that the industries would have never been the same had it not been for Warren Miller, his camera, his quest for freedom, and his sense of humor.

The cinematographer, narrator and director released Deep and Light, his first big ski film, almost seventy years ago. Miller's films traveled the globe, showing off resorts and mountains from faraway lands. The videos were an instant success, which gave Miller the idea to make full-length movies.

A self-taught filmmaker, Miller made over 500 films that focused on his passion for the outdoors, and snow sports in particular.

Warren Miller Entertainment's latest film, Line of Descent, was released last summer.

Miller was born in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California, in 1924.

Miller, a World War II veteran, was also an avid surfer and sailor, according to a statement on his website. After that, Warren Miller Entertainment put out a new ski film each year, a tradition the company continued after Miller sold it in 2004.

Upon discharge from the Navy in 1946 he bought his first 8mm movie camera and moved to Sun Valley, Idaho where he camped in the carpark and worked as a ski instructor, filming friends in his spare time to critique and improve their ski technique.

In 1989, Miller sold his film company to his son Kurt Miller and his partner, Peter Speek, who sold the company to Time Inc.in 2001. Skiing was transforming from an a niche, elite activity to one enjoyed by the masses, and it was helped along in large part by Miller's fun, mainstream films. He had this to say at the age of 86. "I remember going to Warren Miller movies when I was young", says pro skier Wendy Fisher, who filmed with Matchstick Productions and Warren Miller Entertainment in the early 2000s. The world of action sports would be an entirely different place had it not been for the pioneering spirit of Warren Miller.

Talking to the Seattle Times in 2010, Miller spoke about the connection between skiing and freedom.

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