Use My Nintendo Gold Points on Switch eShop to discount games

Doris Richards
February 10, 2018

While the amount of Gold Coins you have now might not be impressive Nintendo is upping the rate at which you receive them. The My Nintendo Rewards program launched back in 2016 following the closure of Club Nintendo, which was known for its unbelievable rewards.

Since the launch of My Nintendo in 2016, Nintendo fans have benefitted from a range of rewards, including in-app items, exclusive discounts and more. Starting in March, My Nintendo members will be able to put their gold points toward buying actual Switch games, a huge step up from the current rewards on offer. The company also plans on distributing points to players who keep up to date with Nintendo news via email. Yet for months there was nothing but silence; that is until Nintendo posted a new update on its My Nintendo site. But they'll soon have an actual cash equivalent, which means that My Nintendo power-users may be able to use their hefty stock of points to buy new games from the eShop at no added cost.

Full details are available on Nintendo's website, it gives you the rundown of how much you'll earn on each purchase, and you can still earn gold coins on the Wii U and 3DS but can only use the discounts on the Switch. This is more than welcome news for anyone owning a Switch or considering purchasing one, and wondering if the Switch Rewards would ever take off.

The rewards system has had a hard time living up to its predecessor, Club Nintendo, which was initiated in 2008.

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