White House Ignored Top Staffer's Domestic Violence Past

Angelo Anderson
February 12, 2018

And yet here we are again, just like when Pence - as head of the Trump transition team - was questioned about Mike Flynn, and he insisted the he had no prior knowledge of Flynn's actions and associations, and that Flynn lied to him. "And we hope he has a wonderful career", Trump said in his first comments on the allegations against the onetime rising West Wing star. If you think he's entirely innocent, you have to believe that two separate women colluded to lie about him - or that they independently made a decision to do so with remarkably similar lies.

As a legal and journalistic matter, I understand the need to note that Porter denies these charges.

Trump's comments drew immediate condemnation from women's groups and Democrats. (The Washington Post reported on Friday that Kelly has since tried to rewrite the time line, to make it seem as though he had responded more promptly; some on the White House staff, the Post noted, "felt his latest account was not true.") But Kelly should not have needed either publication to help him see the Porter situation for what it was.

Society at large may be trying to better grapple with issues of sexual and domestic abuse, but Americans certainly aren't looking to the White House for guidance on these subjects. Sorensen worked for the Council on Environmental Quality, which is part of the Executive Office of the President.

Sorensen told The Associated Press Friday night: "I didn't want the White House to have to deal with this distraction".

The controversy continued on the back of a dramatic 24 hours which saw the United States government shut down overnight on Thursday, after Republican senator Rand Paul delayed a key Senate vote on a budget Bill created to keep the government open.

Porter was operating on an interim security clearance at the time of his resignation on Wednesday.

"Forty minutes later he was gone", Kelly said.

Other White House officials have said it was the release of the photos Wednesday morning that sealed Porter's fate.

But he was supportive of his former staff secretary.

"I'm not quitting today", Kelly told reporters. "And literally that was it". That's with good reason - it turns out the Trump administration has been harboring a high-ranking official facing multiple domestic violence allegations. Those possible replacements include Mick Mulvaney, the budget director; Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California; and Gary D. Cohn, Trump's top economic adviser. It's a White House where distinguishing between right and wrong is prohibited. But if you actually believe he's innocent or if you take this murky principle of withholding judgment seriously, you should be outraged that Porter was forced out of his job or that the White House caved to a "witch hunt". Is it that people like Wilson, the Dreamers, and Porter's former wives never quite come into view for him? The alleged abuse prevented Porter from securing a permanent security clearance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation - something that comes in handy when you're mediating the flow of paper to the president of the United States. "With his outspoken endorsement of accused child molester Roy Moore and now his sympathetic defense of a violent domestic abuser, it is clear that President Trump is willing to excuse the vilest forms of abuse".

This is the White House run by a man who called a woman journalist a "c*nt" when she reported something unflattering about him and harassed another for years when she rejected him.

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