Hyderabad couple performs 'girl sacrifice to ward of evil spirits', duo arrested

Leslie Hanson
February 16, 2018

The police then took up investigation, which began with the examination of CCTV cameras installed behind Rajashekhar's house. Before the forensic experts' inspection, the police had questioned all the suspects, which included a couple from Kacheguda, who had lodged a complaint stating their child was missing.

Continuous efforts for a fortnight helped the Rachakonda police to unravel the mystery behind the severed head of the baby recovered from the house of a cab driver in Hyderabad. "What went wrong for the couple is that Srilatha's mother, who lived in a portion of the same house, discovered the head on the terrace". The police said that another three women were involved in the ritual of Kshudra Pooja. "It was only after interrogating them that we managed to crack the case", Bhagawat said. During questioning Rajashekar told the investigators of the case that he was suggested to perform human sacrifice for his wife long life.

He tried to take "second opinion" from other supposed black magic practitioners but to no avail. On January 31, the police said that between 7pm and 8pm, Rajashekar identified a girl child aged between 3 to 6 months near Bhoiguda. The couple allegedly stole the infant from her parents at Bhoiguda area in Secunderabad and sacrificed her on January 31. Around 2 am, he mercilessly beheaded the child and flung the body into the river along with the knife and waited for about half-an-hour for the bleeding to stop. After dumping the torso into the rive, he carried home the severed head in a polythene bag.

Later, he, along with Srilatha, performed black magic in their living room, keeping the severed head at the altar. Later, the accused left for work as usual in his cab for Madhapur in order to avoid any suspicion.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference, Rachakonda Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat said, "Ever since we detained him, he pleaded innocence".

The head was found by the cab driver's mother-in-law next morning. "He kept making misleading statements".

The head was shifted to the state-run Gandhi Hospital for a post-mortem even as the police hunted for the body.

Police found that traces of blood found in their living room and that of the severed head shared the same DNA profile.

. The police have arrested six accused, including the couple. Finally, he chose to offer "narabali", police said. "A bow and arrow, made of coconut leaf-midribs, and a few bamboo leaves tied like a broom were seized from their possession". Neighbours alerted the police, who reached the spot and commenced an investigation. Incidentally, the dog squad that inspected Rajashekar's house on four occasions had sensed something unusual.

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