Woman Thrown Off Delta Flight For Outburst

Lloyd Doyle
February 16, 2018

Does Tabitha oblige as well as rundown off her representative number, just setting the lady off.

That's probably why this story feels like such a breath of fresh air.

A angry woman was kicked off from a Delta flight after she refused to sit beside a mother and a baby.

A passenger was thrown off a Delta Airlines flight from New York JFK airport to Syracuse in New York state, after shouting at a young mother with her baby.

The woman became more irate and demanded a new seat.

"Then she started complaining about my baby", Rundell said. "It's [expletive] having to sit in the back of the plane, '" Rundell told The Daily Mail.

Rundell asked the unidentified passenger if she could not use profanity around her baby.

'I said please watch your language and she told me to shut the fuck up.' She added. "That's when the flight attendant came over and asked what the problem was", the 19-year-old mom told the Daily Mail.

'She raised sitting alongside a crying infant (he wasn't crying or objecting by any stretch of the imagination),' clarifies Rundell who has flown with Mason, once previously.

Tabitha then tells another crew member that she wants the woman, who has not been identified, removed from the flight. As the woman continued to complain, Tabitha even offered her a seat on the next flight.

"Thank you Tabitha, you may not have a job, tomorrow", she asserts.

Evidently, this was the last straw for the ever-patient Tabitha. "We appreciate our Endeavor Air flight attendant's commitment to Delta's core values and apologize to the other customers on board Flight 4017 who experienced the disturbance". Despite the woman's apologies and immediate change in tone, that's exactly what happened.

Rundell posted a video of the incident on her Facebook page. Thank you to the lovely Delta flight attendant for not letting this women bully us.

Here's the thing: Traveling with young children can be incredibly stressful for both parents and little ones. "I have to be on this flight", the woman said in response. If you can't handle being in the presence of a small child for a short flight, maybe you shouldn't be flying at all.

Rundell added that the passenger then tried to talk her way out of being kicked off the plane by the gate agent, but to no avail.

"No I can't, Tabitha" the woman replies.

The video of the ruckus created by the woman was shared on Facebook by Rundell.

'Additionally I see recordings all the time about people bashing aircrafts for kicking people off so this resembles the inverse'.

Rundell detailed how Tabitha came back to apologize before the flight took off and shared how ultimately, the Delta staff had been extremely helpful during the ordeal.

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