11 reasons why we need a new Toyota Supra

Doris Richards
February 18, 2018

Of course, while the vehicle shown in the hugely popular Japanese-language mag could be nothing more than a set of commissioned renderings, they're markedly close in design to camouflaged prototypes that have been spied testing in recent months.

The one and only teaser shot released by the maker today shows a rear three-quarter view of a sexy fastback coupé with a gynormous fixed wing - lending credence to the rumour the show vehicle will be a near-production "design study", rather than the definitive showroom version.

The new Toyota Supra - and its racing sibling - will debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show next month.

Key features of the red car's design include a blade-like protrusion out of the inside corner of each headlight, flanking an extended snout and a three-port intake design. So in a roundabout kind of way, this gloomy, tightly-cropped teaser image is probably our best look yet at the new Supra.

Best Car claims an overall length of 4380mm with a 2470mm wheelbase, weighing in at 1496kg. As compared to the 1993 Supra, the new model is 45mm wider, 15mm taller and 80mm shorter.

Even if we do have to wait a little longer to see it in production trim, after more than 15 years of waiting, the new Supra is finally nearly here, and that's definitely worth getting excited about. It is believed that an eight-speed torque-converter automatic gearbox might be on offer.

Toyota has confirmed that the new Supra, developed in collaboration with BMW alongside a soft-top successor to the Z4, will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on 6 March.

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