Message with Indian language symbol can crash iPhones

Mindy Sparks
February 18, 2018

For users running the public beta of iOS 11.3, their iPhones, iPads or iPod touches won't be affected by this bug.

News of the bug emerged after reports in Italian blog Mobile World and has since been widely replicated, with numerous confirmations posted online.

These features were expected in the already released iOS 11 update but were reportedly delayed because Apple wanted to upgrade its own process of developing apps and the way they are introduced to the world.

If someone else were to send the character as a text, the notification snippet containing the character could also freeze or restart the entire iOS springboard by itself (the springboard is the system application that runs the home screen of iOS devices). The character interestingly doesn't crash all apps, however. This means that the bug is not limited to iOS Messages app.

As Engadget lays out, the issue is simply that apps can't figure out how to load the character, which overwhelms them and forces them to shut down.

The extremely bad thing about the glitch is it can apparently infect third-party messaging and social networking services too.

While a simple fix, weak or non-existent internet access could potentially make the process of deleting messages suffering from the problem more hard.

Apple has been facing several such cases when bugs caused messages to crash iPhones, the Safari browser, freeze devices, or trigger a reboot.

Given how quickly Apple releases software updates, it's likely that the company will push out some sort of update that fixes the bug soon.

On an iPhone, the issue is a pain as once you receive a message wth the character, you can not get back into Messages until someone sends you a new message and you open it from the notification.

The only safe operating system seems to be iOS 11.3, which is however only publicly available in beta form.

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