Building in Florida school shooting likely to be torn down

Doris Richards
February 21, 2018

Facing charges of premeditated murder, he is willing to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty, according to the public defender's office representing him.

The same can not be said in the aftermath of the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that last Tuesday left 17 high school students and faculty dead.

He said he promises to love the staff, students and their families over the hard weeks to come.

"The only question is, does he live or does he die?" Prosecutors have not yet said if they will seek capital punishment.

Cruz's next court date is set for Monday morning. Broward Sheriff's Office met them at the county line.

The Trumps visited hospitalized victims Friday. "I am bringing local and state leaders together to find solutions on how to prevent violence in our schools and keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill individuals".

The bureau also said on Friday that a January 5 tip that came across its Public Access Line, warning that Cruz might be planning a "school shooting" and detailing his guns, was not passed on to its Miami field office and was never investigated. During an appearance on "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace, radio host Rush Limbaugh described the student survivors as articulate and angry, but he also said they're being used by the left and by Democrats in a bid to take away people's gun rights.

As the victims' loved ones mourn, more signs are emerging that authorities missed opportunities to intervene weeks before the massacre.

"I went to sign up last night and as I was signing up, the category I was signing up for got full", she said.

A person close to Cruz called the FBI's tip line on January 5 and provided information about Cruz's weapons and his erratic behavior, including his disturbing social media posts.

- An admission by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that it was given two tips on Cruz's potential for violence, including the September comment on the YouTube video, which the Federal Bureau of Investigation said it investigated but could not verify who posted it.

Corsa said legislators were "sacrificing students" in order to get money from the National Rifle Association. Trump also alluded to the FBI's failure to act on tips that the suspect was risky while bemoaning the bureau's focus on Russian meddling in the 2016 election. An FBI agent confirmed a field officer in Jackson, Mississippi, received the tip and interviewed the person who shared it.

Cruz's apparent digital footprint includes slurs against blacks and Muslims, and declarations of a desire to shoot people. "I promised all these kids that I've been talking to that they're gonna go to school and they're gonna be safe, and we're gonna have a movement". After a member told him not to say things like that, he said he was just playing.

DCF spoke with the teen's now-deceased mother, Lynda Cruz, who told them after the breakup, he began cutting his arms and posting it to Snapchat. Another post on the page is a view down the barrel of a gun with a holographic sight out a window onto the street. But the student did not report the threat to school officials after Cruz apologized for making it, the student said.

Some researchers say there's a causal relationship between the number of guns and the amount of violence in an area.

The owners of the small business, located in a strip mall near the school, said they ensured that Cruz had filled out all of the required paperwork which included his driver's license and assurances that he did not suffer from mental illness.

Greene agreed to the request by Cruz's team of public defenders to release the assessment.

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