South Africa's LTE coverage and speeds lag behind

Doris Richards
February 22, 2018

India is in the 14th place in the 4G availability chart with 86.26 percent availability, and only five countries - Ecuador, Egypt, Sri Lanka, El Salvador and Algeria - failed to reach 50 percent. "For instance, India and Indonesia both averaged 4G downloads below 10Mbps", the report read.

OpenSignal measures the real-world experience of consumers on mobile networks as they go about their daily lives.

The measurements are collected at all hours of the day, every day of the year, under conditions of normal usage, including inside buildings and outdoors, in cities and the countryside, and everywhere in between. OpenSignal reported that network congestion was the primary reason behind India's underperforming speeds. The fastest LTE networks still haven't touched the elusive 50 Mbps mark.

"Meanwhile, the bottom ranks in our speed chart feature several countries with large populations - and therefore large mobile subscriber bases - that bring down the global 4G average". While 4G speeds have stalled in much of the world, there were a few regional exceptions.

In Toronto - which OpenSignal erroneously classified as Canada's capital - Telus's LTE speeds reached 70.4 Mbps.

For the last eight years, the global mobile industry has relentlessly pushed the limits of 4G technology to milk as much speed out of its networks as possible. The industry is still waiting on that spark that will push speeds beyond 50 mbps on a national level. It shows an average 4G download speed in South Africa, across all networks, of 20.4 Mbps, well behind leader Singapore, with 44.3Mbps.

At 6.07 mbps, India had the lowest speed among the 88 countries.

But that's not to say speeds were completely stagnant in the aforementioned period.

Head over to the source link for the full report, which offers some very interesting insight on the fluctuations of LTE speeds and the potential growth of average LTE speeds, even before 5G becomes the dominant standard.

OpenSignal only counted LTE speeds when measuring 4G - not HSPA.

Thailand's lowly ranking will also be the result of other factors such as how much of the countries spectrum for mobile data is actually being used for 4G LTE and how dense and congested the network is.

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