NRA backlash: These are the companies cutting ties

Doris Richards
February 25, 2018

The latest companies to end their ties with the NRA were Delta and United Airlines, the first and third largest US -based airline companies by revenue, respectively.

"I know that people are trying to find daylight between President Trump and 5 million law-abiding gun owners, and law-abiding gun owners all across the United States", Loesch said, referring to the size of the NRA's membership.

The latest companies to end their ties with the NRA were Delta and United Airlines, two of the three largest USA -based airlines.

The exodus of corporate names, ranging from a major insurer to auto rental brands and a household moving company, began after the NRA launched a counter-offensive against a student-led campaign for tighter US gun laws.

Both Delta Airlines and United Airlines announced Saturday morning on Twitter they were withdrawing from an agreement to provide discounted travel for National Rifle Association members attending the pro-gun group's annual meeting.

Last week's shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 people dead has renewed the national debate about gun control. "Usually what happens is that the storm passes, and the NRA counts on that", he told CBS.

The hashtag #BoycottNRA remained one of the top trending topics on Twitter in the USA on Friday.

The State of Florida also was facing some backlash. "DO NOT come to Florida for spring break unless gun legislation is passed".

Wendy Glaab, 60, of Fonthill, Ontario, Canada, was among the first to respond.

Petitions are circulating online targeting companies that offer discounts to NRA members on its website.

Members of the NRA have access to special offers from partner companies on its website, ranging from life insurance to wine clubs. Symantec Corp., the software company that makes Norton Antivirus technology, did the same.

On Thursday, First National Bank of Omaha pledged to stop issuing an NRA-branded Visa card.

Insurer Chubb Ltd. said it is ending participation in the NRA's gun-owner insurance program, but it provided notice three months ago.

The attrition of NRA corporate partners began on Thursday when three rental auto brands owned by Enterprise Holdings Inc said they were ending discount programs, and First National Bank of Omaha said it would not renew the NRA's contract to issue a co-branded Visa card.

Lockton, another insurance firm, continues to underwrite policies for the NRA Carry Guard program, according to the NRA's website.

The NRA Carry Guard program offers coverage for certain costs associated with gun-related accidents or incidents in which the gun owner claims they lawfully acted in self defense.

The responses from businesses come as gun control activists and social media users continued to increase pressure on lawmakers and industry players to take action in response to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HIgh School.

"Despite that, some corporations have chose to punish NRA membership in a shameful display of political and civic cowardice", the statement said.

Bob Spitzer, a scholar on gun politics at SUNY Cortland and a scholar on gun politics, agreed the companies' moves were most likely a reaction to the Florida shooting, but said it was too early to say what the impact would be.

"Evil walks among us and God help us if we don't harden our schools and protect our kids", said NRA executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday.

President Donald Trump has aligned himself with the NRA, suggesting some teachers could be armed so that they could fire on any attacker.

Trump has also proposed raising the age to buy assault-style rifles from 18 to 21, which is opposed by the NRA.

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