Jessica Jones Season 2 — New To Netflix

Angelo Anderson
March 7, 2018

Krysten Ritter is in pain.

But Jessica fits in no one's box, because she's still profoundly uncertain of the contours of her own.

After more than 15 months on hiatus, "Marvel's Jessica Jones" finally returns to Netflix this week. "How rapey of you", she retorts.

"We're such close friends, and we both love Luke and Jessica together", said Ritter. "This is not like that".

Episode 13's Playland appears to be another Kilgrave callback, with a horrified Jessica surrounded by photos, reminiscent of Kilgrave's shrine to her that she discovered in season one.

In its second season, Marvel's "Jessica Jones" continues to be a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked power. Melissa Rosenberg was thrilled to have the opportunity to write for this character again. Her family was killed in a vehicle crash, she was experimented on and given superpowers, and brainwashed by Kilgrave, who did unspeakable things to her, which we saw in season one.

Are you excited for our kickass Jessica to return?

That meant building a new, uniquely challenging case for Jessica to pursue: herself. She hates what she's become but hardly recalls whatever or whoever she actually once was.

Joining the new season is Golden Globe and Tony Award victor, Academy Award and Emmy nominee Janet McTeer who will be playing a multi-faceted character. Is that going to be easier for her now? Is that who she really is at her core? "There's a lot of questions in terms of 'Who am I really?'"

For Eka Darville's Malcolm, he now aspires to become a private investigator like Jessica and we saw their friendship develop a little in The Defenders.

The purple hues of episode six's Facetime, coupled with the silhouette of a man holding a syringe, could spell trouble for Jessica and Trish. Initially, Jessica is not interested in digging up her past.

Besides, Jessica's no longer just Jessica Jones, proprietor of Alias Investigations.

She's curious to find out why Jessica disappeared and how she acquired her super strength.

Which isn't to say Jessica stands completely on her own, without partners in crimefighting. While Jess remains in place at the outset, the new season forges ahead on other fronts, notably the mysterious IGH, which had something to do with her powers, and the special gifts of the other "powered". "It was a very physical character", the actress offers. "The beauty of the Marvel world is never say die", she says. She pauses, trying to come up with the right, spoiler-free words. She struggles to pay bills, stay sober, and face a very specific trauma. "They're strong and weak all at the same time".

What are your predictions for the second season of Jessica Jones? We need more. We need more information.

This concentration of female creators is unusual, of course, particularly for a high-profile, comic-book-based drama. And assembling the all-women lineup, it turns out, wasn't hard to do. "There's a lot of highly qualified and talented female directors out there, so what we did was simply open the door". It wasn't like we had to give a bunch of women their first break. "We went over schedule by a few weeks, and I was like, 'Cool!'" She laughs. "I was like, 'I don't care, because I love it so much!'" And because Ritter, it seems, can roll with any punch.

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