Elon Musk at SXSW: `There need to be things that inspire you.'

Mindy Sparks
March 11, 2018

Elon Musk says SpaceX is likely to begin testing an interplanetary rocket next year. Musk, who is the founder of multiple companies, including SpaceX, Tesla and the Boring Company, is tackling some of the biggest challenges and technological advances of the modern age, like space travel and autonomous vehicles.

"There are a lot of awful things happening all over the world, all of the time", Musk said.

"Life cannot just be about solving one miserable problem after another - that can't be the only thing". "How do you get people to talk again, how can you drive the conversation?" "That can't be the only thing. Lots of things that are miserable and kind of get you down". "That's why we did this".

Musk's ventures, electric auto maker Tesla and rocket transport outfit SpaceX, are designed specifically to help stave off these dangers, and in a worst case scenario, provide humanity the tools to escape them. They depicted the preparations for the launch, reaction and jubilation of the audience, the launch of a rocket into space and video footage of flying in space auto the Tesla Roadster with a dummy behind the wheel. "That makes me glad to be alive".

"AI scares the hell out of me", he said, telling Nolan that while he's not typically a fan of regulation, he feels AI is more unsafe than nuclear weapons and it's not like we let just anyone build nukes. In addition, the video shows the moment of the collapse of the Central accelerator of the first stage of the carrier rocket Falcon Heavy, which failed to land on the floating platform, collapsed into the waters of the Atlantic ocean at speeds exceeding 480 kilometers per hour and crashed. You can check that out here, courtesy of Musk's Instagram.

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