Android Wear rebranding underway it seems, get ready for Wear OS

Mindy Sparks
March 12, 2018

It appears that Google might be thinking about rebranding its iteration of Android OS for wearable devices.

According to a report by 9to5mac, this new name was first spotted by a Reddit user who received a pairing notification that features the new name and Google Assistant-like logo. You're conditioned to look for iOS, so it's not initially 100% clear that Android Wear will work with your phone and may put you off looking at Google's smartwatches right away.

The new icon appears to be the letter "W" in Google's traditional color scheme and would represent the new moniker which might be "Watch OS".

Instead if devices are under the Wear OS name, it makes it far more palatable for those with iPhones and want to have a different device to the Apple Watch. There might be some major feature changes to go along with the rebrand, for example.

We decompiled the Google Play Services beta APK, and indeed found several references to Wear OS throughout the strings. Meanwhile, existing Android Wear devices are receiving the Android Oreo-based update, so it's not as if there's much incentive for existing users to upgrade to a new device.

We've also got Android P Developer Preview running on one of our phones, so will be investigating other changes in the coming days and weeks.

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