Bluepoint's next game is another remake

Doris Richards
March 12, 2018

That said, for now, they are focused on a new remake that will be bigger than Shadow of the Colossus for PS4. Digital Foundry had the opportunity to talk with the team about the technology powering its latest release, and asked whether the expanded art team brought on for the project would be deployed next on an original game.

Bluepoint Games, the studio behind the critically-acclaimed PlayStation 4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus, is next working on another even bigger remake. The title chosen for Bluepoint's next project remains to be seen, of course, but some internet folk are already hoping that the company will make the natural transition to the 2001 existential hit, Ico. He explained that the Shadow of the Colossus remake served as "a great point" to grow the studio's art team.

"Well, we could but we're doing another remake".

Thrush said that the Shadow of the Colossus remake improved the developer's art team significantly and this was needed since their next remake is "a bit bigger". As you might have guessed, it's going to be another remake.

Also whilst speaking to Eurogamer, Peter Dalton, Bluepoint's technical director, noted that not only did the studio grow in headcount, it grew in skill, something that will be important as it looks towards original development and positioning itself so that whoever comes knocking with a project, the studio will be able to handle it. Since then Bluepoint has made nearly nothing but remasters and the PS4 version of Shadow of the Colossus was their first remake.

"We're really excited about our next project and we think you will be too when you find out what it is", Thrush concluded.

If Bluepoint is indeed working on a Demon's Soul's Remake, then perhaps expect an announcement at E3 later this year, given that's where the Shadow of the Colossus Remake was first unveiled. Not only that most of the fans are also wondering what it could also possibly be that all of the sequels of the title Dark Souls might get a remake. One of the clues is that Sony shut down the game's servers shortly after its ninth anniversary without any explanation.

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