The Witchwood is Hearthstone's First 2018 Expansion

Doris Richards
March 12, 2018

Something spooky is stirring in the heart of The Witchwood, the next expansion for Blizzard's Hearthstone.

Hearthstone has announced its first expansion of 2018.

We've gotten a look at six cards so far, and they introduce three new abilities.

Phantom Militia has Echo means you can play multiple times in one turn depending on how many mana crystals you have.

"Minions with the Rush keyword can attack other minions immediately after they hit the board, either by being played or summoned".

The Witchwood
The Witchwood is Hearthstone's First 2018 Expansion

And the last mechanic seems tied to Worgens. Worgen cards swap attack and health each turn they're in your hand, so you can hold onto them at different times for different results.

Looks like the Rogue Death Knight, Valeera the Hollow's Hero Power, only for a single card. The "Start of Game" cards aren't necessary "new" mechanics, but do show that the Hearthstone team is continuing the trend of rewarding specific deck-building decisions.

Ben Brode and company provide more details on the gameplay implications of the new cards in the Blair Witch-style video above, adding to a delightful collection of very unusual Hearthstone trailers.

Once the expansion is released, players will have two weeks to arm themselves before embarking on Monster Hunts, the thrilling new single-player Hearthstone experience that will send players deep into The Witchwood to stamp out the evils that lurk within.

The Witchwood adds 135 new cards, and the pre-purchase offer includes 20 bonus packs, for a total of 70 card packs when buying in, in addition to a new card back.

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