How to Find Bike Sharing Stations with Apple Maps

Leslie Hanson
March 13, 2018

Apple Maps supports Citi Bike in NYC, Ford GoBike in San Francisco, BIKETOWN in Portland, Santander Cycles in London, bicing in Barcelona, BIXI in Montreal, CityCycle in Brisbane, nextbike in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and dozens of others.

In the UK, Apple Maps will guide you to locations in Bath, Belfast, Glasgow, London, Milton Keynes, Stirling and the University of Warwick. Now those features include more comprehensive bike-sharing information for various global cities. Apple Maps already included some bike sharing data, but according to TechCrunch, the partnership means Apple Maps now has bike sharing data in more than 175 cities in 36 countries. Since there are, as Ito World's data indicates, dozens and dozens of bike sharing services, you can't go to a different city and just expect to find your familiar service.

Do you use bike-sharing services to get around new cities?

All users need to do is type "bike sharing" in to the Apple Maps search bar to see the nearest bike sharing depot to their current vicinity. Let's be honest, bike sharing isn't equivalent to the Mario Kart skin Google rolled out to Google Maps for MAR10 Day, but it's a good start.

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