New Switch System Update Appears to be Coming Soon (5.0)

Mindy Sparks
March 13, 2018

In related news, there have been many rumors regarding Diablo 3 being in development for Nintendo Switch, however, Blizzard Entertainment has denied that Diablo 3 is in development for Switch.

The Switch Parental Controls app - allowing users to access Parental Controls for their console - has been updated to v1.5 on iOS (and presumably soon to Android). While the patch notes don't confirm a release date for the system update, I can't imagine Nintendo releasing a parental controls update that advertises new features too long before those features are functional.

Several new parent-focused options have appeared in the new update, including a new menu lock that will restrict captured videos based on the settings defined in the Restricted Software menu.

If your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet, your console will download the update automatically. As for backup saves and folders, that also doesn't look like it will be featured this update.

Well, for people hoping System Firmware 5.0.0 is coming sooner than later, whatever it might contain, we might have some good news for you. Switch owners should find that the displayed play time is now accurately reflected as before.

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