Square Enix hiring to "increase quality" of Final Fantasy VII remake

Doris Richards
March 13, 2018

According to Siliconera, the job isn't mean to be a last-minute replacement for the work volume but that Square Enix is looking for someone to assist in recreating the game for a modern audience.

Some weeks have passed without news about Final Fantasy VII Remake; however, everything indicates that its development is on the right track. The listing specifies that the new hire will be expected to "brainstorm level designs for each location".

Despite Square Enix not revealing much, it seems like the development of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is proceeding as intended.

Square Enix plans that the return of the RPG is a success and the fans are satisfied with the results. It is entirely possible that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is a few years away at best, especially with Final Fantasy XV still being supported until at least 2019 with four more planned DLC Episodes. The posting, which appeared on the "Tenshoku" job board of the Mynavi corporation, requests for a level planner (Japanese studios use planner where Western studios use designer; in Japan, the term designer is only used for graphics).

We recently learned that Cloud, the protagonist of this installment, will retain his personality in this remake. Five would be from the newer half of Final Fantasy games, and only one would hail from the older half.

Vayne is the third Final Fantasy XII character to be featured in the Dissidia series, alongside Vaan who's also in NT and Gabranth who was Dissidia 012 Duodecim.

Remember that Final Fantasy VII: Remake is an episodic, multi-volume game so there's no guarantee whether or not the first installment is finished, and if the team is expanding to help build the other portions of the game.

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