Warren Buffett's March Madness Offer: $1MA Year For Life For Perfect Bracket

Lloyd Doyle
March 13, 2018

Berkshire Hathaway CEO, Warren Buffet, has promised $1 million a year for life to the Berkshire employee who picks the ideal bracket through the NCAA tournament's Sweet 16.

Berkshire Hathaway employees will have a chance to win as much as $2 million a year for life in their office pool for the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Warren Buffett will double the $1 million for life NCAA Tournament deal if Creighton wins the national championship.


While this is an unbelievable offer, the odds of willing either are astronomically high.

Berkshire also offers a $100,000 prize for the bracket that remains flawless the longest.

But Berkshire employees don't need perfection to win some money. In 2014, Buffett offered a cool billion to the humble American idiot who could pick a flawless wire-to-wire bracket.

Buffett gives $100,000 to whoever can keep their bracket intact the longest. Nobody won the money, and the following year the contest was gone. The inaugural contest, which was open to the public, offered a grand prize of $1 billion for anyone who could correctly pick the winners of all the games.

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