Facebook bans far-right Britain First, its leaders

Mindy Sparks
March 14, 2018

Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, the leader and deputy leader of the groupm, have also had their pages removed, following their conviction for a campaign of harssment during a rape trial.

In a blog post, Facebook said: "Content posted on the Britain First Facebook page and the pages of party leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen has repeatedly broken our community standards".

The Prime Minister has welcomed a decision by Facebook to take down the page used by the far-right party Britain First.

Facebook defended its platform as a place for free speech in a statement, describing it as "an open platform for all ideas", including political speech, but said that political speech "should be expressed without hate". Pages associated with those members were also booted from Facebook's platform.

The group opposes what it calls the "Islamization" of Britain.

One recent investigation from Wired UK found a whole network of Facebook pages linked to Britain First sharing the same content.

The official Britain First Facebook page has been taken down, as have the official (but not personal) pages for the group's leader Paul Golding and deputy leader Jayda Fransen, the Verge reported on Wednesday.

Fransen, who previous year tweeted out videos showing purported violence by Muslims and was retweeted by President Trump, was found guilty last week of religiously aggravated harassment - she and Golding reportedly targeted homes of people they believed to be responsible for a gang rape - and sentenced to 36 weeks.

Facebook said they had continued to violate its rules despite issuing written final warnings over their conduct.

The social media giant said it had blacklisted Britain First for repeatedly violating rules created to stop the incitement of hatred against minority groups. The group is already banned from Twitter.

"Their sick intentions to incite hatred within our society via social media are reprehensible, and Facebook's decision to remove their content is welcome", Mayor Khan said.

'The global tech revolution has brought incredible benefits and social media is enjoyed by billions of people around the world. May has, since that time, spoken out numerous times demanding social media companies do more to combat extremism content. The platform had removed the page once before, in 2015, but it said it was "a mistake", and quickly restored it.

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