Fitness first key to quitting smoking: Western University study

Leslie Hanson
March 14, 2018

"We can't afford to wait while the health of hundreds of thousands of people across Yorkshire continues to be harmed from tobacco smoke".

Add deafness to the list of the ways that smoking hurts healthy people.

'Although the tobacco industry markets e-cigarettes as a tool to help adult smokers quit smoking, e-cigarette use actually only marginally increases the number of adult cigarette smokers who are able to successfully quit, ' said the study's lead author Samir Soneji, PhD, an associate professor at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice.

After significant tobacco control efforts were implemented in the 1990s there was a substantial reduction in youth smoking, but the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes has the potential to slow or reverse that trend.

Deafness joins a list of adverse health effects that are caused by smoking. By his own admission; he was overweight and needed to change his lifestyle - one year on he is like a new person and is encouraging others to follow suit.

More people in Yorkshire get lung cancer than any other cancer type. If yes, then you may be at a higher risk of suffering hearing loss.

The hearing impairment and loss risks related to smoking will decrease when people quit smoking.

E-cigarettes are inhalable aerosols which heat a solution containing nicotine.

"If you aren't quite ready to stop on March 14, you can pick a new date and Cancer Focus NI is more than happy to help and give you lots of tried and tested tips to make quitting that bit easier".

According to a study conducted on more than 50,000 Japanese people aged between 20 and 64, the tobacco smoking harms hearing and can even cause an increased risk of hearing loss which, however, is decreasing just after the smokers quit smoking. Smokers that used 11 to 20 cigarettes per day were 60 percent more like to develop high-frequency hearing loss and 20 percent more likely to develop low-frequency hearing loss. However-and perhaps more alarming-the model estimated that, at the same time, an additional 168,000 adolescents and young adults who had never smoked cigarettes began smoking and eventually became daily cigarette smokers after first using e-cigarettes.

The research team recruited more than 200 participants from local businesses, health-care and academic institutions, and other organizations for the study.

"While we continue to encourage innovation of potentially less harmful forms of nicotine delivery for now addicted adult smokers, we can all agree no child should be using any nicotine-containing product", he said.

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