Irish PM rejects post-Brexit border pre-registration

Leslie Hanson
March 14, 2018

The Irish Prime Minister has attacked a plan for people to register in advance to cross the border without checks after Brexit, which is being studied by Theresa May.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said it would be "helpful" for leading Brexiteers such as Boris Johnson to visit the Irish Border to see for themselves how it is now "invisible".

"They would certainly be very welcome to visit the border", he said. "Non-qualifying individuals who did not cross at these specific border crossings would then be considered to have entered the state irregularly".

But he believes there won't be a return to the violence of the past in Northern Ireland.

Nevertheless, Ms May told MPs she has "asked officials to look at it very carefully", adding: "I believe it gives some very good proposals for solutions".

The Irish premier Leo Varadkar yesterday said: "You can read as many briefing documents as you like, sometimes you need to see things with your own eyes". "And to see that it is invisible".

Due to the sluggish process of exit negotiations, German companies increasingly expect a "hard" Brexit in which Britain leaves the single market and loses most of its now privileged access to the European Union internal market.

"Three options have been set out as how this can be achieved. However, that might not be possible", the statement continues.

The future of the border remains a key issue in Brexit talks with no clear plan on how to avoid customs and sanitary checks. "That is definitely not a solution that we can entertain".

The former Northern Ireland secretary Peter Hain also spoke on the matter, mentioning the social implications for re-establishing such a system.

"If I was Northern Ireland Secretary and this report came on to my desk, its next stop would be the bin", he said. Prime Minister Theresa May said this was unacceptable.

So, if the United Kingdom remains in a EU Customs Union, it can not set its own tariffs (or decide no tariffs at all) on goods coming from outside the Union, such as those goods coming from USA, China, Japan, India, etc and therefore the logic is for the United Kingdom not to belong to the European Customs Union, given the referendum result.

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