New Splinter Cell game spotted online ahead of official announcement

Mindy Sparks
March 14, 2018

Update: The Amazon listing has now been removed. The listing specifically mentioned "E3 Splinter Cell" and called the game "Splinter Cell 2018" with Ubisoft's name attached. Release date, product description, and even platforms are all left blank for now, and there's no placeholder image yet.

Splinter Cell has taken a long hiatus since its last game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist that was launched way back in 2013.

The latter publication site notes that back in 2017 Ubisoft had not forgotten about the Splinter Cell series. But we also can not rule out the possibility of its release sometime soon because e-commerce sites are known to tease games way ahead of its official launch date. The new revelation expects us to believe that a new Splinter Cell game may be announced soon. Previously too e-commerce websites have leaked games way ahead of publishers. Although there is little evidence that suggests a new Splinter Cell game could be in the works, no official information has been disclosed as of this writing to confirm its development.

Ironside was dropped because Ubisoft was moving to full performance capture for the game, and he didn't have the physical attributes required to act the part.

To recall, there have been previous reports that a new Splinter game is in the making. Michael Ironside, who plays the character of Sam Fisher from the series Splinter Cell, was at Ubisoft in 2016, and had reported that work on a new Splinter Cell was on.

It would make sense for Ubisoft to try and resurrect the dormant franchise since we have never seen a Splinter Cell game get released for the PS4 and Xbox One generation. Fans maybe hoping that Ubisoft is planning a big E3 reveal for the title but, only time will tell.

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