Mozilla's Firefox 59 can stop websites from spying on you

Mindy Sparks
March 15, 2018

Available as a beta release, Firefox Quantum for Enterprise features new administrative controls that allow IT professionals to install a pre-configured version of the browser on employees' Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.

Mozilla has recently announced that starting with Firefox 62, support for device orientation, motion, proximity and ambient light events will be deprecated in an effort to protect user privacy.

Most everyone who uses the internet has been subjected to popups asking for permission for a website to send notifications, access a device's camera or microphone, or know your location, all of which can be serious privacy risks. This is, Moz sez, the "final step towards bringing a release version of Firefox Quantum to enterprise users" (that's generally what betas are, but hey).

Navigate to the "Privacy & Security" section and scroll down to find permissions settings. Firefox's Private Browsing mode now strips this information, preventing it being leaked to third parties. Keep in mind that this doesn't apply to browsing outside of Private Browsing Mode. The new version brings a slew of new features and security enhancements for both platforms. Firefox for Android had longstanding performance issues, so this was disappointing to see. As one would expect, one of the biggest updates to the web browser is the faster load times, which has been achieve by allowing the program to load up via a networked cache (i.e. loading a cache on the user storage). Firefox for Android gets support for websites that stream videos using the HLS protocol.

Mac users are getting an improvement that came to Windows Firefox users in version 58: Off-Main-Thread Painting, which speeds up the way graphics are loaded and smooths performance. Mozilla intended for the Quantum CSS engine to arrive in Firefox 59 for Android.

The Rapid Release (RR) of Firefox is the regular update of the open-source web browser that comes out every six weeks.

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