New scribes attached to Die Hard 6

Lloyd Doyle
March 15, 2018

The sixth Die Hard film is coming together.

Len Wiseman, who made Live Free or Die Hard is on board to produce and helm the new film, which is now titled Die Hard: Year One. Regardless of anyone else's opinions, Len Wiseman, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and star Bruce Willis are pushing ahead with the plan, and The Conjuring duo Chad and Carey Hayes have been brought on to re-write the script for the Die Hard prequel.

According to the TB report, the film will be set in 1970s NY, but will go back and forth between past and present, which is where Willis comes in. Now, a new report reveals that "Die Hard 6" has enlisted "The Conjuring" writers to rewrite the script for the film.

The original idea that did the rounds when the film was first announced saw Bruce Willis retelling a story from his early days as a beat cop in NY in the '70s, with a younger actor in that role, and the two timelines intersecting at various points.

Aside from the popular horror flicks, other credits of the Hayes brothers include "House of Wax", "The Reaping" and the upcoming film "The Turning".

The Conjuring is a supernatural horror film, the first one in The Conjuring franchise.

Since the last two installments in the "Die Hard" franchise were poorly received, it is interesting to see how the Hayes will revive the franchise. No word yet on who might portray the younger John McClane or when Die Hard 6 might hit theaters.

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