Peter Dutton looks to help 'persecuted' white South African farmers

Lester Mason
March 15, 2018

As Breitbart News has reported, South Africans are increasingly anxious that the government's plans to expropriate land from white farmers without compensation could destroy the economy and the country's fragile democracy.

Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton announced on Wednesday that his department wants to open the country's borders to white South African farmers after hearing reports of land seizures and violence.

Dutton added that white South African farmers work hard and "I think these people deserve special attention and we're applying that special attention now".

"It must be stated again that the South African president, the Minister of Land Affairs, and [the] Minister of International [Relations and Cooperation] have said in a number of public platforms, and also when engaging with stakeholders, that the process of land redistribution would be orderly, within South African laws and [take] into consideration both social and economic impact", Mabaya said.

It is not clear whether Dutton was referring to farm-murder statistics, or the South African government's recent undertaking to explore land expropriation without compensation.

The senior Turnbull government minister, who still oversees immigration in his expanded Home Affairs portfolio, credited stories in News Corp publications for bringing the matter to his attention.

His comments come just months after asylum-seekers and refugees held in a remote Pacific camp were awarded Aus$70 million ($56 million) for being illegally detained and treated negligently in Australia's largest human rights class action settlement.

"We call on organisations like AfriForum who are spreading wrong information to cause panic and fear to refrain from doing so".

"There is no reason for any government in the world to suspect that a section of South Africans is [in] danger from their own democratically elected government".

However, people have slammed Mr Dutton for his decision to want to help white South Africans but not the refugees on Manus Island.

"That threat does not exist", the South African foreign ministry in Pretoria told Reuters. Recent reports by both the BBC and Africa Check concluded that it is nearly impossible to determine the murder rate on South African farms because the data is too unreliable.

But many in Australia have taken issue with the fact that Dutton seems more concerned about white African farmers than, say, the hundreds of non-white refugees locked up in Australian detention centres.

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