Stephen Hawking quotes: 'Occasionally, I find an answer'

Leslie Hanson
March 15, 2018

Amazingly, he lived on to the age of 76.

Dr Narlikar knew Dr Hawking since early 1960s when both were students in Cambridge University, and attended the summer school of the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

They also praised their father's "courage and persistence" that inspired people from across the world, and a recent poll voted him the 25th greatest Briton of all time. They will miss him forever.

Prof Hawking shot to global fame after the 1988 publication of "A Brief History of Time", one of the most complex books ever to achieve mass appeal and which stayed on the Sunday Times best-sellers list for no fewer than 237 weeks.

"The Nobel is given only for theoretical work that has been confirmed by observation".

"Without Hawking's work there would be very little to the filed I'm engaged in right now", Flournoy says.

Hawking was a role model to an entire generation of theoretical physicists, including University of Saskatchewan (U of S) professor Rainer Dick.

Hawking is best known for his Big Bang and black holes theory.

His book "A Brief History of Time" was written for those who are not specialist readers and have no prior knowledge of scientific theories. It was first published in 1988. Hawking decided not to use technical terms about the structure, origin, development, and eventual future of the universe.

In the book, he explained basic concepts like space and time, and also principle building pieces that form the universe and primary sources that govern it.

Hawking's children Lucy, Robert and Tim announced the news of his passing late Tuesday.

I was lucky enough to see him speak in person twice, but I first got acquainted with the British physicist during a long Boy Scout trip in Ohio.

Their relation only worsened as Hawking's wife was uncomfortable with their lives being intruded by several nurses and assistants. The couple divorced in 1995 and Hawking married Mason months after claiming he was marrying the woman he loved. With Hawking, his work was too complicated for most people, but they understood that what he was trying to figure out was basic, even primal. However, the scientist never made a complaint about anything. Police investigated the case.

Prof Joshi reminisced about Dr Hawking's visit to TIFR, Mumbai, in 2001, and how he broke into a dance, with the help of his wheelchair, at a banquet hosted at Trident Hotel during the visit. Based on Wilde's writing about her life and marriage, the film offered a romantic, sentimental portrait of a woman who made sacrifices for her husband in the face of a very serious disease.

Even when the PSG forward isn't on the pitch he's managing to cause controversy.

When I started my journey, I wrote down a list of names of people in the limelight who are disabled and proper and positive representation for people with disabilities.

Though Hawking at that time looked normal from the outside, he may not be quite so internally, Narlikar said, adding, "It is quite commendable that although his body was not functioning properly, he did some wonderful work for science".

Pink Floyd's David Gilmour sampled his voice from a 1994 British telephone ad for his song, "Keep Talking", after Hawking channelled "E.T." to declare: "Mankind's greatest achievements have come about by talking and its greatest failures by not talking".

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