SwiftKey for iOS updated with support for toolbar, stickers and more

Doris Richards
March 16, 2018

As we mentioned, the big news with this update is the SwiftKey Toolbar, which begins life as an inconspicuous little + sign tucked away to the side of word suggestions.

SwiftKey today is releasing a major update to its Android keyboard app that offers up some of the biggest changes since its Microsoft acquisition back in 2016. Microsoft is working to roll out sticker packs in the near future. The location feature will enable users in India or the U.S. to share their location, and the calendar integration will let users insert calendar appointments straight from the keyboard toolbar. The hub on the keyboard is now replaced with a new Toolbar that gives access to GIFs, location features, and calendar features. The location sharing will initially be available in India and the US. With location sharing, you can insert the address of a nearby location in a message.

Users can add stickers to while messaging and can also edit the same.

Now, this is the list of the new languages and dialects to be supported by SwiftKey for Android with the release of version 7.0: Ayizo, Aymara, Bariba, Bavarian, Bicolano Central, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Kirundi, Latin, Lombard, Mam, Miskito, Nahuatl, Pangasinan, Tongan, Tulu, Upper Sorbian, and Yucatec Maya. One can also create their own stickers by using the templates and save it in Collections. Some Stickers you can augment with custom text overlays, and favorites can be saved to the Collections section of the Toolbar, for quick access later. SwiftKey will be getting the Microsoft Sticker packet. Last but not least, SwiftKey 7.0 adds eight new "lish" languages - which SwiftKey describes as "a hybrid language that lets people shift seamlessly between languages, in this case English and Indic languages". With the new update in place, SwiftKey users will have access to stickers, GIF's, Settings, Themes, and Clipboard.

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