Putin Wins Fresh Six-Year Term in Russian Election

Lester Mason
March 18, 2018

Vladimir Putin will lead Russian Federation for another six years, after securing an expected victory in the presidential election.

In addition, the United States on March 15 imposed yet another round of sanctions on Russian firms and individuals in connection with what Washington says was Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.

"The program that I propose for the country is the right one, " he declared.

She said efforts to disrupt the site occurred when voters in Russia's far east were already casting ballots, but they were deterred by Russian authorities.

Putin is certain to win in Sunday's election, so voter apathy is widespread. "Why go and vote?" she said. He spoke on condition that his last name not be used out of concern that his employer - the Moscow city government - would find out.

"No manager has the right to tell them where to vote", she said recently.

Opinion polls give Putin, the incumbent, support of around 70 per cent, or almost 10 times the backing of his nearest challenger.

President Vladimir V. Putin at a polling station in Moscow.

In Moscow, first-time voters will be given free tickets for pop concerts featuring some of Russia's most popular artists who have campaigned for Putin.

The election was marred by allegations of ballot stuffing across Russian Federation, where officials were anxious about a lack of enthusiasm among 111 million eligible voters.

Ukraine is protesting voting in Crimea, annexed by Russian Federation from Ukraine four years ago. He said he would decide later on Sunday whether to call supporters out into the streets in protest.

Some 145,000 observers were monitoring the voting in the world's largest country, including 1,500 foreigners and representatives from opposition leader Alexei Navalny's movement, and they and ordinary Russians reported hundreds of voting problems.

Video recordings from polling stations showed irregularities in a number of towns and cities across Russian Federation.

Russian election officials moved quickly to respond to some of the violations. "Then he put the ballot into the Optical scan voting system, which is located in the polling station", news agency reports.

And in the far eastern town of Artyom a man tossed several ballots into the box, according to Tatiana Gladkhikh, the head of the regional election commission. However, with the amendments to Russian law, the government chose to hold elections on the fourth anniversary of Crimea annexation - March 18, 2018.

Security forces are surrounding Russian facilities in Ukraine amid anger over the Ukrainian government's refusal to allow ordinary Russians to vote for president. Polls show that most Russians continue to see the takeover of that Black Sea peninsula as a major achievement despite subsequent Western sanctions. Putin also revved up his popularity by taking on Islamic State extremists in Syria.

Putin has traveled across Russian Federation, pledging to raise wages, pour more funds into the country's crumbling health care and education and to modernize dilapidated infrastructure.

Voters were not impeded from voting when Putin was making is choice.

Critics think Sobchak has the tacit support of the Kremlin so that the election looks more democratic, which she denies.

Among Putin's challengers is Ksenia Sobchak, a 36-year-old TV host who has campaigned on a liberal platform and criticized Putin's policies. "Across the country people are being driven to the polling stations". It said authorities had deterred the denial of service attack coming from 15 unidentified nations but gave few details of how serious it was.

And sure enough, the Central Election Commission claimed Sunday it had been the target of a hacking attempt.

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