Rockwood sixth-grader repeats as victor of Post-Dispatch Spelling Bee

Angelo Anderson
March 18, 2018

She placed fourth as a fourth-grader in 2016 and third as a fifth-grader in 2017. "And she seemed to be very confident up there".

"So the pressure may be increased, but I'll do my best to relax and have the most fun I can", she said. "On weekends I want to spend six to eight hours". "I don't think I have any students who read like she does", Redfoot said.

Widmyer, 11, clinched second place after he correctly spelled "inveigh".

After a practice round, fittingly spelling "confidence" correctly, Samuel went on to spell these 40 words correctly: "forlorn", "popularity", "tortilla", "aria", "stipple", "panzer", "lithe", "galleria", "apathy", "virtuoso", "bratwurst", "pistachio", "harpsichord", "melancholy", "narcissistic", "garibaldi", "myriad", "karaoke", "recidivist", "taupe", "segue", "visceral", "edelweiss", "braggadocio", "pogrom", "zwinger", "pizzicato", "mynheer", "schipperke", "scherzo", "tokamak", "keeshond", "tanha", "witloof", "mahout", "bobbejaan", "glades", "coral", "batumenx" and "polydomous". There were 24 rounds in Thursday's match. This year, 79 participants will try to spell their way to the top. "That year I first watched it on ESPN and I just thought 'wow, I just want to do it one day'".

The runner-up receives a trophy.

Alexandra said that she was "nervous-ited, which is like a combination of nervous and excited" to be on stage. She said she studied using flashcards with her parents and brother, and even had support from her babysitter. They will serve as alternates if Luo is unable to compete in the national competition. She was also given a year's subscription to Merriam-Webster's Unabridged Online edition, and a one-year subscription the Encyclopedia Britannica Online. "He did it all on his own", she said, adding if he wins the geography bee, he'll head to Washington, D.C., for that national competition the week before the spelling bee. She will be competing against more than 200 spellers from around the world. There is no lower age limit for competitors. She bested 49 other finalists, the tops among some 60,000 entrants from public, private, parochial, home and charter schools around the metro area, at the regional spelling bee held at McKendree University in Lebanon.

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