WhatsApp update for Android adds group description, search participants features, and more

Doris Richards
March 18, 2018

Along with Group Description, the update also scores another important feature that allows users to search for members in any group. The feature is likely to be highly useful for those in a big WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp has now rolled out new features to the app. Thus, the latest update has now provided users with an option to switch between voice and video calls whenever required.

Users can now add a description to any of their Groups, which can be 512 characters long. This feature works similar to how we add description to our personal profiles.

Both the features, group description and group info, can be found below the group photo and group name. Click on it, enter the description of the group, and click on OK. After you change the description of the group, everyone in the group including yourself will get a notification stating - "Sneha changed the group description".

ALSO READ: Annoyed at people who track you on WhatsApp? The ability of adding a description is not just limited to admins of the group, but the members can add one too. The feature was previously spotted in the Android beta version 2.18.4.

WhatsApp's video and voice calling features have been around for quite some time. This feature will help in looking for a member without the hassle of scrolling the list of all the members with the help of a search bar on the group info screen.

Recent roll-outs by the instant messaging platform include features like Delete for Everyone message option, WhatsApp Status option, Share your live location option, among others. Moreover, the update also includes an easier way to switch from a voice call to video call by the tap of a button.

So, in future, whenever you make a voice call to a friend on WhatsApp, you will get a button on the app screen to switch to video mode. Instead, they can simply switch from voice to video calls and vice versa.

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