LinkedIn Makes it Easier to Ask for Referrals

Doris Richards
March 20, 2018

The company is introducing "Ask for a Referral", which places a button next to the jobs where you know people who work at the company advertising open positions. Not that surprising as almost 50% of recruiters say referrals are the leading source of quality hires. LinkedIn team mentioned that job applications with referrals are 4X more likely to get a response back from a company. Now it's going to become easier to identify individuals in your network who can connect you to jobs with other companies. The company said in a blog post today.

Start by navigating to the LinkedIn Jobs section, then use the new "In Your Network" filter to sort by jobs where you already know someone. The button will let users send those connections a message through LinkedIn in order to ask them for a referral.

Near the top of an individual job posting you will see the option to "Ask for a referral". We'll help you write your request by suggesting a pre-populated message, but we recommend you personalize your message. Additional filters such as "industry" or "location" can be added to further refine the results. Of course, it's also important to make sure your LinkedIn Profile up to date before asking for a referral.

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